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Propose a New Project

If you would like to propose a new project to us to consider for funding, please contact us for instructions on how to send us your project proposal form as below.

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Please see below for our project selection criteria:

  • Health and/or education projects in Latin America.
  • Run by a registered or recognised NGO/charitable concern or not-for-profit organisation. If not, then the waiver of this requirement must be approved by a majority of the Trustees.
  • At least 2 years of accounts/financial history.
  • Details of the project leader and deputies. Provide ID of trustees and the other people involved in running the organisation, proof of qualifications.
  • Provides charitable benefit that is quantifiable. Impact – how many lives directly and indirectly will the project have a positive impact and make a difference.
  • Measurement of social returns, evidence of results can be produced: data collection, external evaluations, feedback from beneficiaries, level of demand for the service.
  • Scope of project – ability to grow and increase the number of lives affected.
  • Encourages sustainable development. Long term plan/sustainability – evidence of the project raising own funds or having diversification of funding base so not reliant on one source.
  • Can be visited or monitored regularly by a Trustee Approved representative.
  • References from other donors
La Vida Children at Vila Maria

Sponsor a Child

A monthly donation of £17 provides quality education for a child at Vila Maria, Lima, Peru. Sponsors receive information on the child they are supporting and regular updates on his or her progress.

Recent Projects

Corcovado Foundation

Creating the environmental leaders of the millennium: environmental education programme
La Vida Villa Maria Dia de la bandera

Villa Maria

A school which is a beacon of hope in its community, offering disadvantaged children an education and the chance of a better life.
La Vida -Viva a Vida

Viva a Vida

Young people will undertake workshops in Drug Prevention, Life Plan activities and Community Prevention Activities

Cuca Legal

Cuca Legal welcomes disadvantaged children and teenagers and their families giving them a new perspective on life

Fundesoc- Environmental Education Task Force

A pilot programme to raise awareness of the importance of environmental issues and improve waste management within schools
Pasitos de Luz

Pasitos de Luz – New Life Mexico

Providing 10 litres of powdered milk a day for 40 disabled children
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