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La Vida has been supporting projects in Peru since 2007

Over half of Peru’s population live in poverty of which around 19% are surviving on less than US$1per day.  Lima, the capital has more than doubled in population size over the last two decades with the majority living in shanty towns, known as ‘pueblos jovenes’locally.

Projects in Peru

La Vida Villa Maria Dia de la bandera

Villa Maria

A school which is a beacon of hope in its community, offering disadvantaged children an education and the chance of a better life.

Amantani – Transitions programme

Amantani's Transitions programme empowers young people from indigenous communities in the Andes to access further education and fair employment.
La Vida Jefferson and sister


Jefferson and his sister are siblings from a very young mother.  The grandmother looks after the kids since  they were babies. She is a hard working woman, in charge of a community diner at Juan Velasco. She has no money for her grandchildren’s education.

A monthly donation of £20 will ensure a child like Jefferson has a quality education at Vila Maria, Peru.

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