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“The plantation project will provide a regular income for the orphanage, improving housing facilities, medical and educational support for the children”

Project Co-ordinator: Kessey Esteves, Karina Damasio
Location: Brasilia, Brazlandia 



  • Plantation of passion fruit to provide a regular income for SIAO, so it can become self-sufficient
  • Plant a small fruit and vegetable garden for the childrens daily nutritional needs
  • SIAO Orphanage has six hectares of its own land, sufficient for a large plantation
  • Having a regular income will improve housing facilities, medical and educational support for the children many of whom have severe behavioural problems

Description of Project

SIAO Orphanage is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation and home for children who have been abandoned, orphaned or are living in situations of risk.

The money will fund a plantation of passion fruit which will be for commercial purposes providing a regular income for SIAO, helping the orphanage to become self sufficient. Also a smaller area of fruit and vegetables will be planted to supplement the children’s daily nutritional meals.

Currently the orphanage depends on churches and private donations to survive. Having regular income will improve housing facilities, medical and educational support for the children.

The plantation will be done in two stages. First, they will create a small, separate area for fruit, vegetables and herbs for consumption at the orphanage. Second, they will plant passion fruit using a large area on the six hectares of land they own, which will be sold, generating income for the orphanage. The main equipment they need is a tractor, water pump, tools and seeds.

The project should be generating an income for the orphanage in just over 4 months: 2 weeks to buy the products and equipment, 1 month to prepare the land, 3 months to grow the passion fruit. The SIAO orphanage is being administered by a Board of nine advisors lead by President Andre Rodrigues de Sales and Vice-President Antonio Herbert da Silva.

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