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La Vida -Computer room

“…to empower the community to be able to manage their own affairs, PC use is a vital skill for at least some members of the community to learn.”

Project Co-ordinator: Kelly Breslin
Location: Community of Bua de los Tsa’chila , Santo Domingo Province, Ecuador



  • Yanapuma Foundation is a non-profit foundation in Ecuador.
  • Yanapuma is itself, a non-governmental organisation and registered charity in Ecuador and Scotland.
  • The projects undertaken are wholly integrated with the local communities to help their development long-term.

Description of Project

This is our first project with the Yanapuma foundation. The proposal was to run a series of computer classes running over six months (two classes a week) in the community centre of Bua de los Tsa’chila. The building being used was also renovated by Yanapuma in 2009. The impetus for the project arose from members of the community expressing an interest in wanting to learn to use a PC, it would help them to write official letters, keep records and maintain accounts.

To initiate the project, two rebuilt computers were required and a few additional desks and chairs. The course started in January 2011 and as well as the social/community worker leading the classes, she was also assisted by a group of youths form another indigenous organistaion, who were already familiar with PC use. They had their travel costs paid and receive internet and presentation skills training in return for their help. Interest in the course was so high that Yanapuma ended up running four clasess instead of two each week. They bought another PC to aid this, with the intention of cutting the duration of the course to 3 months.
Due to a change in the ruling body ‘cabildo’ of the community issues arose with continuing the course. Yanapuma suspended the course after the first module. They have experienced these political problems before and fully expect to complete the course once they have been able to discuss with the cabildo how they may work together.

The good news is that many of the other communities in Bua and also Estero de Platano are interested in running similar courses and we are waiting to receive details from Yanapuma computer courses as to how we can help with this.

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