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“Young people take part in workshops in Drug Prevention, Human and Environmental Rights, and Youth Empowerment”

Project Co-ordinator: Ana Beatriz Alencar
Location: Camaçari, Bahia, Brazil


  • La Vida provides financial support for a variety of projects
  • Viva a Vida is the only organisation working to prevent drug use in the area and we have been very impressed by their approach.
  • See infographic below for more information about Vila de Abrantes

Description of Project

Viva a Vida’s #VivaJuntos Project focuses on young people at risk of involvement in drugs, violence and gang activities.  It works with pupils as they transition into high school, providing workshops on rights and responsibilities and combatting violence and drug abuse.   Selected pupils then participate in Arts and Youth Empowerment workshops, using graffiti, photography or poetry as tools to engage in youth empowerment activities, including exchange visits to other youth groups in the region and community and public exhibitions of their work (in public squares, Shopping Centres etc.).  Youth leaders then join our Vila Jovem Youth Group as community action multipliers, taking their learning into the community, working with our Youth Workers in state schools, and debating and performing in public arenas.

In parallel, the young actors in Viva a Vida’s award-winning G2 Theatre Group devise and perform plays focused on social issues (racism, homophobia, social stigma, family and mental health issues) generating lively debates on these themes in community and public theatres.

Young participants and families are also invited to participate in quarterly Open Agenda meetings in which a professional presents a particular issue using accessible language to create community-centred debates.  Recent topics include STDs/HIV-AIDs; Gender & LGBTphobia; Sexual Abuse and Violence; and Youth Policy.

Viva a Vida has many other projects under their sleeves just waiting for sponsorship, including environmental awareness and multimedia girls – a project focusing on Sexual Violence and Virtual Harassment, or Cyberbullying prevention. For more information, please watch this video about their work .

Other projects

Nosso Instituto – pregnancy prevention

Nosso Instituto's main focus is the sexual and reproductive rights of the individual.

Maya Midwives Project

The midwives provide essential care for the indigenous Maya community in the Mam-speaking area of the western highlands of Guatemala

Corcovado Foundation

Creating the environmental leaders of the millennium: environmental education programme
La Vida Villa Maria Dia de la bandera

Villa Maria

A school which is a beacon of hope in its community, offering disadvantaged children an education and the chance of a better life.
La Vida -Viva a Vida

Viva a Vida

Young people will undertake workshops in Drug Prevention, Life Plan activities and Community Prevention Activities

Cuca Legal

Cuca Legal welcomes disadvantaged children and teenagers and their families giving them a new perspective on life
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