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Pasitos de Luz

“Providing 10 litres of powdered milk a day for 40 disabled children.”

Project Co-ordinator: Helen Ilsley and Katy Vatis
Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


  • La Vida will fund a year’s supply of powdered milk for disabled children
  • 85% of these children are unable to feed themselves and are on a liquid/soft food diet
  • Milk is essential to their overall food intake and well being

Description of Project

Pasitos de Luz is a long-established non-profit organization founded by mothers of disabled children from low-income families. Pasitos de Luz provides vital services to disabled children and their families living in extreme poverty in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and the surrounding communities. All of these services are provided 100% free of charge.

122 children are registered in the programme, with an attendance of approximately 40 a day. The Pasitos Kids are a fabulous mix of fun-loving children. Each one has his or her own unique story.

For more information, visit Pasitos de Luz website where you can also see photos of the children   or  visit their facebook  profile

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Providing 10 litres of powdered milk a day for 40 disabled children
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