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La Vida has been supporting projects in Colombia since 2010

Colombia has suffered for decades with armed conflicts fuelled by the lucrative drug trade. Many thousands have been killed and millions have abandoned their homes in search of safety and ended up living in poverty, in unsafe shanty towns on the outskirts of the cities.

Projects in Colombia

Children jumping

El Rio Foundation

Providing educational, sporting and environmental projects to positively impact the local community

Corpolatin – Children of the Andes

Corpolatin is Colombia’s most-used chidren's helpline.
La Vida Poder Joven

Poder Joven

Preventative program that helps at risk children to find a better alternative to the street
La Vida Antorchas de Vida

Antorchas de Vida

Building a computer room and first aid room at a centre for street kids.


When he was just eight years old, Darwin was living on the streets of Medellin. He had turned to marijuana, cocaine, pills and glue sniffing to get by after his mother abandoned him. She was surviving through prostitution and later died stabbed. Darwin says he joined the Antorchas family because there was food and he wanted the chance to study. He was “dirty, skinny, with lice in his hair and very lost.” He now goes to college and dreams about learning English, serving his time in the military, and then going to USA to work for the FBI, make lots of money and go back to Colombia.

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