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La Vida Todos Juntos - Sonrisa clinic

“Providing disadvantaged children with a reason to smile”

Project Co-ordinator: Zarela Feeney
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina


  • Free dental, prevention and educational programme provided to disadvantaged children living in a deprived area of Santa Martin in Buenos Aires.
  • In 2010, 1500 children visited the clinics and over 11,000 treatments were administered. By 2012 this number had risen to 7,000 children treated and approximately 35,000 treatments

  • The cost of treating each child is approximately USDollars 13 (GBP 8); each child needs five visits to complete a treatment.
  • Provide children with a healthy smile and spread the message that dental health is an important habit to develop.
  • Todos Juntos was founded in 2005 and is a registered charity in the UK and Argentina.

Description of Project

Founded in 2005, Todos Juntos provides free dental, preventative education and hygiene programme to deprived children between the ages of 4-17 living in the slums of Santa Martin in Buenos Aires.

Todos Juntos opened three dental Sonrisa clinics within the first four years of operations. In 2012 about 7,000 children received 35,000 treatments, equivalent to a three-fold increase in two years.

In addition, Todos Juntos regularly organises the dentists to visit schools and kindergartens to teach the children how to use toothbrushes and toothpaste. By providing these preventative care sessions the children learn to avoid the terrible dental decay that has been documented in the older children who visit the clinics.

Todos Juntos believes that the value of a healthy smile cannot be underestimated. The Sonrisa clinics play a vital role in providing children with a healthy smile and in spreading the message that dental health is an important habit to develop. It helps children build confidence and an improved life without the stigma of decaying teeth.

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