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La Vida endeavours to directly grant funding to specific projects that relieve sickness and/or improve education in any Latin American country.

Recent Projects

Cuca Legal

"Cuca Legal welcomes disadvantaged children and teenagers and their families giving them a new perspective on life." Project Co-ordinator: Ana Beatriz Alencar Location: Angra dos Reis, Brazil

Fundesoc- Environmental Education Task Force

A pilot programme to raise awareness of the importance of environmental issues and improve waste management within schools
Pasitos de Luz

Pasitos de Luz – New Life Mexico

Providing 10 litres of powdered milk a day for 40 disabled children
ecological stove

Ecological Stoves – New Life Mexico / Small Change 4 Big Change

Building Ecological Stoves for families living in rural Guatemala

Corpolatin – Children of the Andes

Corpolatin is Colombia’s most-used chidren's helpline.

Amantani – Graduate programme

The Graduate Programme will help girls in the Boarding Houses to graduate from school and to transition into their new lives.
La Vida -Viva a Vida

Viva a Vida

Young people will undertake workshops in Drug Prevention, Life Plan activities and Community Prevention Activities
La Vida Villa Maria Dia de la bandera

Villa Maria

A school which is a beacon of hope in its community, offering disadvantaged children an education and the chance of a better life.
La Vida Poder Joven

Poder Joven

Preventative program that helps at risk children to find a better alternative to the street
La Vida Todos Juntos - Sonrisa clinic

Todos Juntos – Sonrisa

Providing disadvantaged children with a reason to smile
acao forte

Ação Forte

Improving the lives of 50-60 teenagers directly and up to 1200 indirectly within the community of Campinas through our youth education programme
La Vida - Helping Hands Ramiro's graduation

Helping Hands

Helping hands is a true dream for all the young people so they can finish their studies.
La Vida -New Life Water House

Water Houses – New Life Mexico

The school water houses give children access to clean drinking water every day and they can also fill bottles to take home to their families.
La Vida -Amistad

Amistad – San Cristobal Primary School

Providing clean drinking water and healthy meals to primary school children.
La Vida - clinica

The Clínica de Beneficencia Project

Treating over 8000 patients a year, the hospital offers medical services to those with no other access to medical care in its vicinity
La Vida Antorchas de Vida

Antorchas de Vida

Building a computer room and first aid room at a centre for street kids.

Ponseti Project

La Vida’s first project. We trained 556 orthopaedic surgeons throughout Brazil, who helped 5000 children just in 2008 using the Ponseti technique to treat clubfoot.


The centre offers free treatment for children from low income families who have suffered burns in the family home.
La Vida -Computer room

The Yanapuma Computer Proficiency Course

The project aims to empower the community to be able to manage their own affairs; PC use is a vital skill for at least some members of the community to learn.


We provided windows for the school classrooms to keep out the mosquitos.

SIAO Orphanage

The plantation project will provide a regular income for the orphanage, improving housing facilities, medical and educational support for the children.
La Vida - Spina Bifida project

The Spina Bifida Prevention Project

One in 150 babies in Guatemala are born with Spina Bifida. La Vida is sponsoring a campaign to reach out to 20,000 young women to promote the consumption of folic acid which prevents Spina Bifida

Escuela Republica de Francia Project

Children from both the morning and afternoon sessions now have a safe environment to learn and play in and have the proper equipment to develop their extra-curricular skills

Breastfeeding Support project

Our aim is to support and teach new mothers how to breastfeed using the Kangaroo program. Breastfed babies in low income households are generally better nourished than those given formula.
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