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La Vida -Viva a Vida

Viva a Vida

Young people will undertake workshops in Drug Prevention, Life Plan activities and Community Prevention Activities

Cuca Legal

Cuca Legal welcomes disadvantaged children and teenagers and their families giving them a new perspective on life
acao forte

Ação Forte

Improving the lives of 50-60 teenagers directly and up to 1200 indirectly within the community of Campinas through our youth education programme

Ponseti Project

La Vida’s first project. We trained 556 orthopaedic surgeons throughout Brazil, who helped 5000 children just in 2008 using the Ponseti technique to treat clubfoot.


We provided windows for the school classrooms to keep out the mosquitos.

SIAO Orphanage

The plantation project will provide a regular income for the orphanage, improving housing facilities, medical and educational support for the children.
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