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La Vida Antorchas de Vida

Building a computer room and first aid room at a centre for street kids.”

Project Co-ordinator: Helen Ilsley / Rupert Stebbings / John Knox Seagle
Location: Medellin, Colombia




  • This project was originally introduced by a former colleague, Rupert Stebbings who lives in Medellin.
  • Antorchas de Vida is an ongoing charity, which also hosts volunteers from Globalteer, and our recent contact, John Knox Seagle, works for this UK-registered charity.
  • Antorchas focuses on street kids, whose parents are working long hours and have no means to care for them during the day. They would be left roaming the streets with all the dangers that entails.

Description of Project

The centre provides food, healthcare, psychological help, training in vocational skills, English, Spanish, arts, music and sport.

La Vida has provided funding to refurbish and kit out a computer room and a fully stocked first aid room.

John Knox Seagle has been keeping us updated on progress made on the building of both the computer room and first aid room, and also providing receipts and photos.

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