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La Vida - clinica

“Treating over 8000 patients a year, the hospital offers medical services to those with no other access to medical care in its vicinity”

Project Co-ordinator: Della Deme
Location: Mexico City, Mexico



  • We have partnered with Fundación Amistad Británico-Mexicana to fund the final phase of this charity hospital renovation.
  • The hospital treats over 8000 patients a year who live in poverty in the area.
  • We are supplying new diagnostic and surgical equipment.

Description of Project

The Clínica de Beneficencia ‘Amistad Británico-Mexicana,’ is a charity hospital built by our partner in Mexico City, Amistad-Británico-Mexicana. Treating 8,000+ patients a year, who would otherwise have no medical access, the hospital’s mission is to offer the best available treatment in modern surroundings. Built for victims of the 1985 earthquake, this hospital is currently undergoing an essential first modernization. Your donations will help complete the final phase of this monumental effort by supplying vital diagnostic and surgical equipment for treatment and providing refurbishment of rooms and common areas for a clean, safe and hygienic environment. The total cost for this final stage is estimated at USD$160,000.

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