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“Children from both the morning and afternoon sessions now have a safe environment to learn and play in and have the proper equipment to develop their extra-curricular skills”

Project Co-ordinator: Aneli Gonzalez
Location: Guatemala City, Guatemala



  • Elementary school years 1-6 needed perimeter wall built
  • As La Vida pledged funding for it, local municipality decided to fund it themselves after years of denying funding to the school.
  • As an alternative, La Vida funded the refurbishment of an activities hall and several equipment purchases – greatly benefiting educational and cultural activities for all the students

Description of Project

Originally, the head of the teachers association, Olimpia Magdalena de Leon Lutin de Melgar, asked La Vida for funding to rebuild the school’s squalid perimeter wall which was causing the school much grief in terms of security and safety for the 450 kids attending. However, after asking for planning permission the municipality decided to fund the wall reconstruction themselves (after several years of denying it). It seems that when the school found a willing donor, the municipality came to their senses about the benefits for the community!
After the pledge from the municipality for rebuilding the wall, La Vida received a proposal for an activities hall – which involved the refurbishment of an unused room, which would be used for music and dance lessons. The proposal also included a budget for equipment including electronic piano, whiteboards, PC, projector, DVD player and stereo. The activities hall was completed promptly in January 2008 for the beginning of the 2008 school year. An inauguration ceremony was held to which one of our Trustee’s mother and sister attended.
Another inspection of the equipment and wall was carried out again in January 2009 and the school has neverlooked better.

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