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La Vida has been supporting projects in Guatemala since 2008

Guatemala is a country of striking features and a strong indigenous culture. Social inequality is a major feature of Guatemala. Poverty is particularly widespread in the countryside and among indigenous communities.
Mayan languages are spoken alongside Spanish, the official tongue.

Projects in Guatemala

Education for the Children

Education For The Children runs a School of Hope: 'La Esperanza’ in the Jocotenango region, an urban area with one of the lowest literacy rates in the western hemisphere.

Project Somos

The Project Somos Children’s Village is an eco-sustainable community aiming to break the cycle of poverty in Guatemala by providing quality education and healthy food to families in need.

Maya Midwives Project

The midwives provide essential care for the indigenous Maya community in the Mam-speaking area of the western highlands of Guatemala
ecological stove

Ecological Stoves – New Life Mexico / Small Change 4 Big Change

Building Ecological Stoves for families living in rural Guatemala
La Vida - Spina Bifida project

The Spina Bifida Prevention Project

One in 150 babies in Guatemala are born with Spina Bifida. La Vida is sponsoring a campaign to reach out to 20,000 young women to promote the consumption of folic acid which prevents Spina Bifida

Escuela Republica de Francia Project

Children from both the morning and afternoon sessions now have a safe environment to learn and play in and have the proper equipment to develop their extra-curricular skills

Breastfeeding Support project

Our aim is to support and teach new mothers how to breastfeed using the Kangaroo program. Breastfed babies in low income households are generally better nourished than those given formula.
Steven' s Family


Stephen Joseph De La Cruz is albino. He has skin problems and very acute short-sightedness which upsets his studies. He has four brothers and a sister who suffers from the same conditions.

His parents cannot afford to send him and his sister to a school that would take into account his special needs.

A monthly donation of £20 over a year sponsors a child like Stephen to attend school.

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