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La Vida has been supporting projects in Mexico since 2012

Mexico has a growing economy and social reforms are coming but at a slow pace. The country suffers with unfair trade and crime from drug-traffic and narco related activities. Poor human rights is found particularly in poor neighbourhoods and indigenous communities.

Projects in Mexico

Pasitos de Luz

Pasitos de Luz – New Life Mexico

Providing 10 litres of powdered milk a day for 40 disabled children
La Vida -New Life Water House

Water Houses – New Life Mexico

The school water houses give children access to clean drinking water every day and they can also fill bottles to take home to their families.
La Vida -Amistad

Amistad – San Cristobal Primary School

Providing clean drinking water and healthy meals to primary school children.
La Vida - clinica

The Clínica de Beneficencia Project

Treating over 8000 patients a year, the hospital offers medical services to those with no other access to medical care in its vicinity
Water House

Water House

A monthly donation of £50 will pay for the maintenance of a water house in a school in Ixtapa, Mexico.

The water fountain provides clean drinking water for over 450 children and their families.

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