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Viva a Vida- Eliza’s story

  “Without Viva a Vida, my daily life would be monotonous... as it was before I joined this project”. Maria Eliza , 15 years old - Vila Jovem Youth Group   Eliza is the name of the youth leader in this success story – a sweet, shy adolescent, with a bright smile and a series of pertinent questions about adolescence.  …

Amantani – Meet My World

Get ready for another multi-sensory experience as our partner Amantani and Andina present the next chapter of Meet My World. The inspiring young people in Amantani's Boarding Houses have written and presented their own short films aimed at teaching the world the skills from their indigenous communities. This year the children have come together with the talented director Cristina Patiño Sheen…

Viva a Vida- (In)Dependencias

Our partner Viva a Vida  innovative drugs prevention programme uses drama to educate young people in Bahia, Brazil. Their show "(In)Dependencias" is listed in the Cultural Agenda of Bahia estate

Milk for Pasitos de Luz

La Vida is funding a year’s supply of powdered milk for disabled children attending the Pasitos de Luz centre in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  There are 122 children registered, with an attendance of approximately 40 a day.  Our friends & partners at New Life Line deliver the milk on a regular basis - the latest delivery has just been made - and the children…

Ecological Stoves

La Vida and New Life Mexico have  provided ecological stoves for 10 families! They will now use 50% less wood and cook upright instead of over an open fire on the floor, and eliminate smoke from inside the house. What a difference! Learn more about Small Change 4 Big Change initiatives

Pasitos de Luz update

Update from Philippa Vernon-Powell of New Life Mexico on the Pasitos de Luz project: "Ivan and I bought and delivered milk to Pasitos de Luz.  Given their limited storage facilities, we have decided to deliver monthly.  We have also decided that we will buy Nutri Leche rather than the other milk as they have distribution problems and we cannot be…

Fred Branson TED Talk

Amantani TED Talk

Fred Branson, founder of the charity Amantani, invites you to re-imagine the relationship between the world’s so-called poor and those in a position to help. It’s time, he suggests, to move away from pity and assumptions of cultural superiority, towards reciprocal connections based on respect and mutual understanding.

Franz Heling Hands

Letter from Franz

La Vida is very proud to support "Helping Hands" project in Bolivia. The following letter from Franz describing his learnings during his course of Agricultural engineering shows how worthwhile this project is. We wish Franz all the best in his career!   PARA: LISA Y KATY DE FUNDACION LA VIDA DE: FRANZ MELANIO MENDOZA (Quispe) Hola querida madrina le saludo…

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