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Sponsorship for children at Villa Maria School, Peru

Annual report and renewal of sponsorship (£200 per year) for children attending the Villa Maria School, Peru –

2017 was a very challenging year for Peru and for the poorer communities around Lima in particular, due to exceptionally heavy rains from January to March which led to a series of floods and landslides.  There are more details about the impact on the school in the report, but you can also read about the causes of the natural disasters and the government’s response, together with pictures in the link from Climate signals and The Guardian Newspaper.

The school did sustain damage from the floods but due to the efforts of its leadership team was able to function normally for most of the year.  Thanks to a generous supporter, La Vida was also able to help the school fund a roof for its internal courtyard which as well as protecting the interior from damage should mean the space is usable whatever the weather.

There are a number of updates in the annual report, including more of an emphasis on prevention of and response to natural disasters in the curriculum.  In the photographs of school activities you can see the children interviewing local residents about earth tremors and visits to an eco-park and a farm to learn more about safeguarding natural resources.  There are also photos of talks for parents, where they are informed about what their children are learning in school and giving them a chance to become more involved in their children’s education.
Please read  the full report in Spanish which includes pictures, together with a summary translation into English. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments on the report.

This year we have had some excellent news for the school, which will receive a substantial bequest from a UK donor enabling it to benefit from some significant rebuilding and enlargement works.  However, it will still require core costs such as teachers’ salaries to continue providing education for local children as well as the running costs for community-based adult training workshops in the new facilities.  As you know, it costs approximately £200/year to pay for one child’s education, and the new school year will be starting again very shortly.  We would be very grateful if you could renew your sponsorship using the link below to our page on BT My Donate as soon as you can, so families can be certain that their children can continue to attend the school

With many thanks and best wishes from the whole team in Lima and overseas

Rosie Bichard

Trustee, La Vida and Project Co-ordinator, Villa Maria
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