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Poder Joven

Camila Chiquillo is one of the children La Vida supports at Poder Joven Foundation in Colombia. She is seven, is in second grade of elementary school and has been attending Poder Joven for the last year. Although her family is very poor she is very smart and wants to get ahead and wants opportunities. She lives with her mother and father, one older brother, and a cousin that she considers as a brother. Both of her parents are actively involved in his education and this has contributed significantly to her good academic performance.
She is dedicated and socializes very well with her classmates. She enjoys classes such as English, Spanish, Math, and Physical Education. She wants to be a medical doctor when she grows up because she likes to help the needed.
Camila says:
I love coming to Poder Joven because I can spend time with friends, do homework, and have fun when we go to the park and when we do workshops.
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